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I wish I didn’t need hope anymore. Having to hope has become just as painful as the rest of it. Hoping there’ll be someone to connect with, hoping to be understood or loved or wanted. 

honey you played your part perfectly. Really you did.

I really don’t think anyone likes me. Even a little. So would it be such a tragedy if I disappeared into the world. They’d forget soon enough and I could be someone different.

she didn’t love anything, not even herself. so i could never love her enough. i didn’t have enough love for the both of us.

today i’m going to reflect on how much my friends mean to me.

There’s really nothing to do now, but live life and enjoy my last summer in the sunshine, my only summer at safe harbor. 

The future is barreling towards us with fucking fury.

Joey called the other day. He seemed sort of down. He said he couldn’t wait to come home then he fumbled over his words and said ‘you guys are my home.’ 

I was kinda numb at first and then it hit me later on, how much I miss Joe.